ADVANCETALK about abuse with women survivors, artists and activists, women’s organisations and others, as part of 16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls.

Join the conversation and sign up for one or more of our events, online (see below). Be part of our movement for change.

Our vision is a world where women and girls lead safe, violence-free and equal lives. Domestic abuse is of epidemic proportions around the world. 1 in 4 women over 16 will suffer domestic abuse in their lifetime in the UK.

Advance aim to break the cycle of abuse by bringing about systemic and social norms shifts and call on everyone in the community to act – speak out, challenge attitudes, recognise the signs.

We join the global movement of 16 days of activism from International day for ending violence against women and girls on 25 November to the International Human Rights day on 10 December, as part of the UN’s UNiTE campaign.