Saving Lives Changing Lives

Jenni Trent Hughes

In October 2018, Jenni Trent Hughes was appointed as the ambassador of Advance Charity. She is a successful TV and radio broadcaster, Jewellery designer, artist, writer and social commentator; specialising in relationships and family issues.

Jenni Trent Hughes said:

“I am really pleased to support the invaluable work that Advance undertakes supporting women across London who are existing in a variety of challenging circumstances. Having travelled around the globe working with women in a range of untenable situations I have seen firsthand just how crucial the empowerment of women and the development of healthy family relationships are to a successful society.”

Christine Losecaat MBE, Chair of Advance said:

“I am delighted to welcome Jenni to Advance as our inaugural Ambassador. As a broadcaster and relationship expert, Jenni will support us as a powerful advocate for woman’s rights and the benefits society will reap from supporting women to overcome trauma and domestic abuse.”