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Looking to improve your health, fitness or well-being? Spend time with a qualified personal trainer completing exercises for all abilities and discussing well-being and nutrition with Health & Fitness delivered by our partner, AIR Sport Network
About this workshop

Led by a qualified personal trainer, this group offers women the space to take steps towards improving their fitness, health and well-being, through exercises suitable for all abilities and a Question & Answer session around exercise and nutrition.

These sessions are held weekly at a local fitness centre* nearby to our Women’s Centres and are a great way to improve your mental well-being, boost your confidence in taking steps to enhance your physical health and expand your positive social networks with peers.

Exercises include low-moderate physical exercises that can be done at home or on in the gym environment. All sessions are accessible for beginner and intermediate levels, giving you the option to join in however you feel most comfortable.

How to join*

If you are interested in joining Air Sports, please give us a call on 020 3981 8486 / 020 8563 2225 or email where our Women’s Centre Coordinators can give you details for the upcoming sessions. Alternatively, you can speak with your Key Worker who can also complete a referral for you to join in with these sessions!

*COVID-19 update: currently being held virtually, not at the Fitness Centres.