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Body Mind Rewind

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Develop your ability to self-reflect and learn more about looking after your body and caring for your mental health with Body Mind Rewind delivered by our partner, Inspirit .
About the workshop

This course helps to build positive self-identity for women who have a history of trauma and have been affected by the Criminal Justice System, taking time to reflect on how major life experiences have played a part in their identity up to this point.

The Body Mind Rewind sessions offer a space for women to talk through the pressures and responsibilities that come from many different places in their life, while bonding with the group through different self-care activities!

This programme has 10 sessions that are aimed at being self-reflective and draw on a range of psychological theories to help breakdown and understand why we as women often struggle with self-care both physically and mentally and may experience resistance or conflict when trying to make positive steps towards ‘pro-social behaviour’.

Body Mind Rewind is held at each of our Women’s Centres* through the year and is a great opportunity for women to meet others and build support networks.

How to join*

If you are interested in joining Body Mind Rewind, please give us a call on 020 3981 8486 / 020 8563 2225 or email where our Women’s Centre Coordinators can give you details for the upcoming sessions. Alternatively, you can speak with your Key Worker who can also complete a referral for you to join in with these sessions!

*COVID-19 update: currently under development to deliver virtually with upcoming dates to be confirmed, not at the Women’s Centres.