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Time for Mums

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Take some time to reflect on your experience as a Mum and get some useful parenting tips and tricks with Time for Mums delivered by our partner Young Mum’s Support Network.
About the workshop

These sessions offer a safe space to speak openly about your experiences of motherhood regardless of whether you currently have your children in your care or not.

Sessions are centred around the women and can include advice around your own well-being as a Mum, communicating with your children, child education, household advice and your relationship with Social Care Services if applicable.

Our facilitator is not only experienced in many topics related to motherhood but is also the Founder of Young Mums Support Network and supports women to navigate their way through the challenges and rewards of motherhood. She also offers some great tried and tested tips and tricks!

These sessions are held at each of our Women’s Centres* and give women the chance to look after their well-being as a Mum, improve family relationships and support positive engagement with Social Care Services where applicable.

How to join*

If you are interested in joining Time for Mum’s, please give us a call on 020 3981 8486 / 020 8563 2225 or email where our Women’s Centre Coordinators can give you details for the upcoming sessions. Alternatively, you can speak with your Key Worker who can also complete a referral for you to join in with these sessions!

*COVID-19 update: currently being held virtually as 1:1 sessions, not at the Women’s Centres