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Wind – Down Wednesdays


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Wind – down Wednesdays creates a peaceful environment for women to relax, recover and reflect with soundscapes, meditation, herbal tea and healthy snacks
About the workshop

These weekly sessions at each of our Women’s Centres is a drop in session offering a quiet space for women to heal and be with themselves, recognising the many complexities of life for women supported.

These sessions are hosted by our Women’s Centre and Peer Mentor teams. We welcome collaboration with women who attend in developing Wind-down Wednesday sessions.

How to join*

If you are interested in attending Wind-Down Wednesdays please give us a call on 020 3981 8486 / 020 8563 2225 / 020 3096 6488 or email where our Women’s Centre Coordinators can give you details for upcoming sessions. Alternatively, you can speak with your Key Worker who can also complete a referral for you to join in with these sessions!


Advance poster for Wind Down Wednesdays