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“I Love My Loud Voice” toolkits

“I Love My Loud Voice” toolkits

You can download the interactive toolkits for free below: Toolkit for educators and youth workers working with ages 12 to 16 Toolkit for parents and carers For Universities and FE Colleges: working with ages 16-25 You can access ‘I love my loud voice’ films on our YouTube channel    About Advance Advance is a women’s […]

MP Andy Slaughter visits Advance’s West London Women’s Centre

four people standing together smiling. Three women and one man. The man is MP Andy Slaughter.

The visit to the Hammersmith Centre was an opportunity for Advance to promote its Whole Justice Approach, which aims to improve outcomes for domestic abuse survivors by working jointly with the police, Crown Prosecution Service, courts and prison services. This approach has seen impressive results in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, where it’s been […]

Police and Crime Commissioner visits Advance Hampshire team for International Women’s Day Event

They collaborated with local, female-owned businesses, including The Pastry Corner, Creatful, Q Wellness and Beam Wellbeing. The event hosted a number wellbeing boosting activities, including guided meditation, aromatherapy and movement, and creativity sessions. PCC Donna Jones said: Charlotte Ferguson, Advance service manager for Hampshire, said: Lied M, Advance Hampshire Co-ordinator, said: Nancy Fellows from Creatful […]

Advance responds to Spring Budget

One in four women will experience domestic abuse or sexual abuse in their lifetimes. Around 90 women will lose their lives every year at the hands of men, and yet more through suicide as a result of domestic abuse. 7 in 10 women supported by Advance’s criminal justice services have experienced domestic abuse. In the […]

Advance calls for the criminal justice system to stop failing women

Her Story, Her Justice shines a spotlight on each juncture where survivors of domestic abuse are let down – from the minute they report abuse to the police, through to a traumatising and often unsuccessful prosecution process as they seek justice and protection through the courts. The shameful fact is that 96% of domestic abuse […]

Advance report ‘Her Story, Her Justice’

The shameful fact is that 96% of domestic abuse crimes do NOT result in a prosecution. Even in cases where prosecution is successful, Advance has found that survivors often receive inadequate information and protection following their abuser’s conviction. Drawing from our expertise of working alongside the police and the criminal justice system to support survivors, […]

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