A safe, just and equal world for women

Our impact

We are a women’s organisation, delivering systems change and trauma and gender-informed community- based support for women and girls affected by domestic abuse, including those in contact with the criminal justice system.

We work nationally through our innovative, best-practice approached and systems change initiatives.

We deliver wraparound frontline services across the South and Eat of England, including Greater London.

A community together for women and girls

The number of women and children being referred for support and using our services, both directly and through our partners, continued to increase, as the effects of the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis continued to impact women and children disproportianately. 

In the year ended 31 March 2023, through our service delivery programmes, we reached out to thousands of women and children…
Referrals received to our services in total
women and children referred directly to our domestic abuse services
Women and children engaged and supported by our partners
Women and young women directly referred to our Criminal Justice services
young women and girls referred to our Young Women and Children’s Services

Our impact for domestic abuse survivors and their children

The women we provided domestic abuse services to tell us that our support led to a safer quality of life..
of women said that they felt safer
0 %
of women were at reduced risk
0 %
of women reported a reduction in abuse
0 %
of women said that their quality of life and well-being had improved
0 %

Our impact for women in the criminal justice system

The women we provided justice services to say that our support improved their lives… 
of women said they were at reduced risk
0 %
of women reported improved quality of life and well-being
0 %
of women reported reduction in drug and alcohol use
0 %
young women (15-24 years old) reported healthier relationships
0 %

Our annual reports

2023 Annual Report
2022 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report
2020 Annual Report
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