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Evening Standard ‘Food For London Now: The women suffering with no escape’

June 4, 2020
Advance CEO, Niki Scordi and Advance survivor, Christina spoke to Evening Standard journalist, April Roach about the the women suffering with no escape during the coronavirus pandemic.

Niki Scordi, said that domestic abuse takes many forms, including emotional, psychological or financial manipulation which makes it a complex issue to tackle.

“Isolation is a key part, stopping a woman from seeing family and friends, from leaving the house or having access to money, to a phone or food, or threatening the children.

“The lockdown that keeps us in the home means women and children are more isolated than ever. It gives the abuser the perfect environment to control her, increasing the risk of harming her and the children, often behind closed doors.”

She added: “We’ve had situations where women have left, but they are in debt and struggling to keep a roof over their head. There are a lot of people who are hungry.”

“The risk is that they feel like they have no choice but to go back. We’re making sure that people have access to food with The Felix Project and food banks.”

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Advance have launched the #IAmWithHer campaign to highlight the various forms of domestic abuse using the real life stories of women Advance works with, portrayed by actors.

Find out more about I Am With Her campaign here 

Do you feel unsafe or afraid? Are you frightened of somebody or worried that they might harm you? Are you caught in the criminal justice system? you can get in contact here 

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