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ADVANCETALK about abuse with Amja Unabashedly

25 Nov 2020

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Amja is an artist, painter and poet, and domestic abuse activist.

She talked with Advance about her art and perform her poem. Amja shared her journey, surviving domestic abuse and the support she had through her journey to recover and rebuild her life by Advance and others.

As Creative Director of Amja Unabashedly, she describes herself as ‘Mother, artistic Lover of Life,  Therapeutic Art Life Coach and anything else my creative mind decides to be’. Her art pieces reflect and embrace her journey, exploring and unpicking the themes that envelop domestic abuse while simultaneously sharing messages of love and growth.

Amja’s creative journey began when she joined Advance at our art workshop 2 years ago, led by visual performance artist Rachel Gadsden. Her art piece ‘Perception’ was part of Advance’s exhibition “See Her: Survival and Hope Through Creativity” on November 25th, 2018.

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