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Connections: Advance Summer Away Day

26th June 2020

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Advance were able to get together virtually and spend some time reflecting on the last year and looking at what we want the future to look like.

As an organisation we have continued to work incredibly hard, to rail together and support the women we work with in new and innovative ways. However, the pandemic has meant that as an organisation we havnt been able to come together as often as we might like. Friday 26th June was a great opportunity for the Advance team to share our successes and strengths and spend some time together as a whole organisation.

Thanks to BrownPaperPackages we were able to enjoy a soft drink, some goodies and games with one another while participating in an online virtual escape room, putting our investigative skills to work.

We were then lucky enough to be joined by three spectacular women who provided us with some amazing performances in various forms;

We were first joined by the wonderful Josie Long, the writer and comedian who graciously offered her time to entertain us with a brilliantly hilarious set.

We were then joined by Rachel Riveros of @E33Dance who shared ‘Pursue Me’, a beautiful story told through the medium of contemporary dance which explores complicated relationships and themes of love and loss.

You can watch the ‘Pursue Me’ Dance film and donate at Wandsworthfringe.com

Lastly, but by not means least, we were joined by Singer/songwriter from the highlands, Catrin Evans who performed three stunning songs. She combines contemporary trends with the Scottish heritage of storytelling to create a unique and melodic style. What a brilliant end to our day!


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