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Challenging perceptions and changing lives

Written by Advance Kent Service Manager on managing one of Advance’s Women’s Centres
Most of the women we work with have faced trauma in their lives. This has impacted their emotional wellbeing, their choices and the options that are available to them.

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Supporting women with their finances

This blog entry was written by Advance Debt and Finance Coordinator whose role sits in the Advance London Whole Housing Services Partnership.
Most women affected by domestic abuse have to manage multiple challenges – poor mental health as a result of the abuse, often focusing on the safety and security of their children and financial insecurity due to the lack of support and funds available – all while trying to rebuild their lives. 

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Creating a safe place to grow

This blog entry was written by Emma Townsend, Head of Services for Young Women & Girls and reflects on Advance’s Young Women and Girls services.
Our sector-wide experience and many years of experience makes Advance best placed to strive for a national campaign to support each young woman and girl to better thrive in the future

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Looking to the future

This blog entry was written in collaboration with staff across Advance and reflects on this years Black History Month theme, ‘Action, not words’.
Black History Month helps us protect spaces for Black people, spaces where we can centre Black voices and validate Black experiences to drive actions, and not just words

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