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Lauren’s Story

“I moved into my new bedroom 2 days before lockdown after having ended my lease in my old place ahead of expecting a prison sentence. I found myself in a strange, empty place, isolated as London went into lockdown.

I’ve always turned to my faith to help me through hard times (rosary beads above my bed) but it was at this point I knew I had to reach out for help from Minerva. The fear of the unknown creeped in and I found myself really struggling being thrown out of routine, nothing felt familiar.

Minerva (Advance service) helped me to find comfort in my passion for playing music and reading, studying Opera and Art History. Minerva encouraged me to embrace the time doing things for myself and be more kind to myself. I found solace in these pastimes and no longer felt alone with the help of Minerva. I felt included and supported.

I had been dreaming about visiting the bluebell wood below my parent’s house when lockdown was over, and I finally got there with my family recently. I felt that things had gone full circle.

That week my keyworker had done a review with me of the initial goals we set which helped me to reflect back on how far I had come; how much more positive and optimistic my mindset was from (Advance) Minerva helping me out of such a dark place. I wouldn’t have got through it without this support and will always be grateful.”

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