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Evening Standard ‘Hidden victims of lockdown: The abused women seeking new lives’

August 12, 2020
Investigations Editor, David Cohen of the Evening Standard reports on two different stories from women supported by Advance.

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As government restrictions ease and women seek to escape their persecutors, this article looks at the stories of Amelia and Hiya who are supported by Advance

Amelia said:

“With the help of my advocate, I am planning to safely leave with my children while keeping my elderly parents safe from my husband arriving to search for me. I need to leave to feel safe again, but I will need to shake my entire family structure, change my children’s lives, and begin a long journey — and that scares me. I must quietly prepare.”

Hiya said:

“Advance helped me to find the courage and means to leave my husband. They gave me emotional support and guidance with budgeting and food and applying for benefits and a place to live”

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