A safe, just and equal world for women


We identify and develop best practice responses and amplify the voices of women with lived experiences, working at national level to raise awareness on the issues associated with domestic abuse, and women involved in the Criminal Justice System, through innovative research rooted in practice-based evidence.

Her Story, Her Justice

Making criminal justice work for women and girl survivors of domestic abuse

Women's Diversion services

Diversionary and Community Cautions: Draft Code of Practice consultation response

No Relief: Women's Mental Health After Covid

A one-year update of the Women Demand Better Mental Health report 

London Women's Diversion Services

The impact of community support on diverting women from the criminal justice system. 

Women's Health Strategy Consultation Response by Advance

Domestic abuse and other forms of VAWG, including contact with the criminal justice system, are a public health emergency

Front Cover of Advance report, 'Women Demand Better Mental Health'
Women Demand Better Mental Health

Women Demand Better Mental Health Support as we Rebuild our Community post Pandemic

A space to learn about relationships

The social factors influencing early sexual relationships among young women who have been involved in the criminal justice system and the health impacts.

A strange empty place

Women’s experiences of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

A place to go like this

Breaking the cycle of harm for mothers involved in offending who are survivors of domestic abuse and their children 

A Whole Housing Approach to Domestic Abuse

Co-Located Housing Advocacy Toolkit and Whole Housing Approach to Domestic Abuse

Her Story Her Justice: A Whole Justice Approach

Survivors at the centre of the Criminal justice response ensuring they are safe, informed and supported
through the Criminal Justice journey

There's a reason we're in trouble

Advance contributed to a growing body of research indicating that women’s exposure to abuse, including coercive control, is for some a driver of their offending

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