Survivors are at the centre of the criminal justice response ensuring they are safe, informed and supported through the criminal justice journey.

The impact project

Impact is a borough based partnership project aimed at improving outcomes for victims going through the criminal justice system. In addition the project aims to improve the accountability of domestic violence perpetrators through more efficient responses. The Impact Project is a partnership between Hammersmith & Fulham Council, the police, Crown Prosecution Service and domestic abuse charities; Advance and Standing Together. It is aimed at improving the progress of cases through the criminal justice system ensuring efficient and effective justice for offenders and fast, proactive support for victims.

The survivor’s journey for justice is not always defined by the criminal justice system alone. While the tumultuous criminal process in ongoing, service users must also navigate through a variety of other systems and engage with a variety of various professionals to enforce their safety and to rebuild their lives. Advance, as advocates put the survivor at the centre of their approach at every stage of the criminal justice system from;

  • Reporting & Investigating
  • Pre-Trial & Trial
  • Sentencing and post sentencing
Survivors tell us that with the support of our Advocates;
  • 94% feel improved confidence in reporting
  • 90% have improved safety
  • 96% have a reduction in abuse
Evaluation of the Impact model
  • Survivors stay engaged with CJS – Strong relationships with Advance and key professionals result in continued engagement with CJS
  • Better trained and informed professionals- better and more informed response
  • Improved information-sharing by all Professionals – improved information sharing can help improve responses and better collect vital and relevant information i.e. a bail breach
  • Improved safeguarding measures – Due to improved information sharing and case tracking – safeguarding is improved

We work in a Whole Justice Approach

Advance understand that a whole justice approach is needed in;

  • Recognising impact of trauma on survivors and implementing trauma- informed practices.
  • Improved understanding of domestic abuse by criminal justice professionals
  • Focus on holding the perpetrator to account, NOT the survivor
  • Enforcing a justice system for and about the victims, NOT despite them!

Domestic abuse in London has risen, and should be a concern and overall, criminal justice outcomes for domestic abuse are remain poor.

The Impact model can help to increase the amount of successful convictions, the amount of charges and guilty pleas, and the amount of restraining orders which can increase Service User’s safety.


Restraining orders on file

Domestic abuse history on file

Early guilty plea


Arrests to charges + 54% from 28% to 43%









Rest of London






66% (London)