Through our Peer Mentor Service women can experience the relief of speaking to someone who has been through something similar, realising that they are not alone.

Peer Mentors provide emotional and practical support through caring, listening and encouragement with small steps and are stationed across all three Women’s Centre’s and in the community.

Peer Mentors build relationships with their mentee’s through short and long term referrals into the service, as well as through group work exploring self-care, empowerment and creativity.

Engaging with the peer mentor programme inspires and empowers women to access further support for their needs and break the cycle of re-offending, knowing other women with lived experience of the criminal justice system have been able to achieve these goals.

Within the Peer Mentor Service there are varied opportunities for Peer Mentors to get involved with Minerva including outreach support, media roles and co-production of research.

The training was amazing. It was over a few days and my group of women, we got along so good. The trainers were so inspirational, really made you think about things beyond convictions. It wasn’t about what had happened, stuff that held us back – it was about who we were and what we could do.
Helena, Minerva Peer Mentor