A safe, just and equal world for women

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For too long, women and girls have suffered from the impacts of abuse and trauma. This General Election, we must see tangible plans to tackle the deep-rooted and systemic misogyny in our society.

The next government must build a long-term and sustainable plan for a safe, just, and equal work for women and girls, by providing support for: 

→ women in the criminal justice system
→ survivors of domestic abuse
→ girls and young women under the age of 25
→ women’s mental health.

At Advance we have been working for over 25 years to support women and girls to lead safe, violence-free, and equal lives.
Join us in calling politicians to commit to our pledges to support women and girls locally and nationally.

1. Women in the Criminal Justice System

It is essential that the next government prioritises measures for these women, including support which can help them address the underlying drivers of offending. This should be in safe spaces in the community, with expert key workers who can provide support with mental health needs, substance use, housing, and family care.

2. Survivors of Domestic Abuse

We need to see urgent and radical movement from the next government to ensure no more women die at the hands of a perpetrator. We’re calling on the leaders of all parties to commit to providing adequate funding for community-based support and truly deliver a coordinated response throughout all our public services.

3. Girls and Young Women Under 25

We must see adequate investment in services which build girls’ trust and allow them to seek their own empowerment. Alongside this, there needs to be urgent changes in schools and youth services. We are failing young women by not acting earlier to tackle the root causes of male violence.

4. Women's Mental Health

All parties must develop specific plans to improve the mental health of women and girls, particularly those who have had experience of domestic abuse or the criminal justice system. Without effective funding and planning more women and girls will pay the ultimate price. 
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