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Fundraise at work

There are many fantastic team bonding activities that can be done in the office (or virtually) to fundraise for Advance

There are many reasons why team bonding is incredibly important. It fosters innovation and creativity, encourages and celebrates team spirit and teamwork and boosts communication and a positive working environment. This can be done while partnered with corporate social responsibility in mind by fundraising for Advance.

Here are some ideas, but you might have your own:

Talent show 

Let the skills shine through by hosting a Talent show in the office (or virtually). Select three judges and encourage donations to enter and to watch.

Unwanted gift swap 

Host an unwanted gift swap. Charge everyone an entry fee for the chance to give up their unwanted gifts in exchange for the chance to receive something better.

Quiz night

Hosting a quiz night is a great way to get the team together to enjoy each others company, get a little competitive and raise money for charity. Charge an entry fee, lay out some snacks and put their general knowledge to the test.

Donate an hour

You might want to donate an hours pay of your working day, or alternatively come in an hour early or stay an hour later and donate the extra pay. You could even ask your employer to match your donation.

You might want to partner your company with Advance. Find out more here 

Why Advance

Advance is a award winning Women’s charity who is dedicated to our mission of saving lives, changing lives.

We have had over 20 years experience supporting women to end violence and abuse. Thousands of women every year transform their lives with our services and this positively impacts on hundreds more children too.

We also enable women to break the cycle of offending and develop a better quality of life by supporting them across their needs. In doing this, women achieve increased safety, improved confidence, self-esteem and life skills, and are better able to access the support that they need.

Represent us and we can provide 

  • Advance T-shirt
  • Advance Fundraising pack (leaflets, posters)
  • Fundraising support from the Advance team


Whatever you decide to do to raise money, we would love to hear all about it and see your videos and pictures of your chosen activity.

Please note, If you submit any media to Advance Charity in regards to your fundraising event you are giving consent for Advance to use it for marketing.

To discuss with our team about how to raise money for Advance and what we can offer please contact: fundraising@advancechairty.org.uk 
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