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Statement in response to the Met Police action towards domestic abuse

April 6, 2023
We welcome the efforts of the Metropolitan Police and its Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley to tackle some the issues highlighted within Baroness Casey’s report. For far too long, we have seen police perpetrated violence against women and girls go largely unacknowledged and unpunished.

Women and children survivors need more than just rooting out ‘rogue officers’; there needs to be the recognition that this is a systemic problem which requires systemic change. We must ensure the damaging cultural attitudes towards women and domestic abuse, which have allowed perpetrators to thrive within police forces across the country, including the Metropolitan Police, are eradicated. We know that often women do not report domestic abuse due to lack of trust and fear that they will not be believed or protected by the police, reinforced by news that serving officers such as David Carrick and Wayne Couzens were not held accountable by the Met. Survivors of domestic abuse are left to face victim-blaming, a traumatic process through the criminal justice system, and little chance of any prosecution of the perpetrators.

At Advance we know that by working in a joined up and coordinated community approach to domestic abuse between the criminal justice agencies and women’s charities like us, as well as ensuring a zero tolerance towards violence against women and girls within all police forces, we can improve safety and justice outcomes for women and children, and for society.

We are calling for the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Police and Crown Prosecution Service to urgently improve police culture and increase prosecution and conviction rates for all perpetrators of domestic abuse, including police officers. This must be backed by significant government investment for Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) and community-based services for women and children survivors of domestic abuse.

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