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Aaliyah’s story

When I left my husband’s house the degree of violence I had to go through was unbelievable. I was so stuck with no means of support from anyone. I had no one, no support, and I was 5 months pregnant. I had no awareness of my rights before I was contacted by ADVANCE.

I was completely shattered – psychologically broken. I had no understanding of any support available out there for me but my doctor referred me to Advance. My husband beat me up, threatened me with a knife while I was pregnant – he wanted to leave me and get married to someone else.

I wanted to leave but I had no where to go. I kept suffering until a wake up call, a last push that opened my eyes, gave me courage to come out of the house – that day I just left home and went to a coffee shop. My ex-husband followed me; he approached me and said the usual insults but then left. I was crying out and then I fainted – when I opened my eyes people were around me and there was an ambulance that took me to hospital. I was referred to Advance via the doctor at the hospital.

Advance then contacted me with an interpreter because I cannot speak English and from that point things changed in my life completely. They called me more or less everyday until things were okay and I was okay. Advance gave me a new life – they guided me, gave me advice, made a referral to a solicitor who helped me with my immigration status, and helped me with housing.

I realised that there was someone by my side – I just love… [IDVA]. I had been so lonely – I had nothing at all and I was thinking of terminating the baby and killing myself. Today, because of Advance support, I have a house, my residence permit, and my beautiful daughter is alive. All my life I will never forget what they did for me, and I will pray for Advance and… [IDVA] and their success.

I survived because of Advance and I cant thank Allah enough for introducing me to Advance

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