Advance launches ‘A space to learn about relationships’

Advance calls for: Improved education of young people and girls aged 11+ about healthy relationships and consent Investment in safe spaces and community-based specialist services for girls and young women to access support Increased awareness and tools for parents and the community about healthy relationships and consent A gendered approach to inform policy and practice, […]

Advance Launches its Report – ‘A Strange Empty Place’

A survey of women in contact with the Criminal Justice System and supported by Advance’s Minerva Services, sharing their experiences and impact of the pandemic and the lockdown in March to June 2020. As we continue to face challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we reflect on the impact of this experience on the women […]

Evening Standard ‘Food For London Now: The women suffering with no escape’

Read full article here  Niki Scordi, said that domestic abuse takes many forms, including emotional, psychological or financial manipulation which makes it a complex issue to tackle. Advance have launched the #IAmWithHer campaign to highlight the various forms of domestic abuse using the real life stories of women Advance works with, portrayed by actors. Find […]

Advance response to systemic racism

Systemic racism response Advance recognises that many people are outraged and hurt, with many taking action, including providing community care and speaking out. This is a moment both for grief and for action, including for those of us who bear the greatest responsibility for perpetuating systems of white privilege. We stand with people around the […]